Half Fast

by the Joint Chiefs

Their 2005 studio cd ....
The music on the JOINT CHIEFS second CD, "HALF FAST", features a more polished, brighter studio sound, and much more original material.

Louise Lindenmeyr and George Potts team up the beautiful, samba influenced "Real Life", while George contributes two originals of his own - the gospel blues "Come That Day" and folk/pop-ish "Sycamore Shade". Eliot Osborn also wrote four of the cuts: the toe-tapping "Just Dance", the New Orleans influenced "Big Brown Eyes", the Memphis styled "B your Baby", and his moving post-9/11 tribute "Still Kickin'" - and there's not a clunker among them.

Other cuts include material from a diverse list of artists, including Dan Hicks, Buck Owens, Chilean Oscar Torres, and Cornwall, CT resident (and former Graham Parsons compatriot) John Nuese. The song choices continue the same trend the Chiefs began with their first CD - that of choosing lesser known cover material from artists they might not necessarily be acquainted with.

Recorded at their home base in Northwestern Connecticut, this CD is a definite step above their first offering, "It Matches Your Juice". There is more percussion and accompanying instrumentation in their arrangements, yet they keep their signature three-part vocal blend in the front of the mix. In fact, their sound remains just as moldable as ever - as dense and multi-layered as their version of Lennon/McCartney's "I'm Only Sleeping", or as starkly simple as their last cut, the longingly wistful coda, "Some Day".
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