The JOINT CHIEFS have been entertaining audiences throughout the Northeast since 1995.  From their home base in Northwestern Connecticut, they have released 2 CD's: "It Matches Your Juice" and "HALF FAST", both of which went double-aluminum on the charts.  With the expected release of their newest CD in late 2017, the JOINT CHIEFS are poised for either world domination or a nap - whichever comes first.

Comprised of Guitarist/Singer ELIOT OSBORN, Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer LOUISE LINDENMEYR, Guitarist/Bassist/Singer GEORGE POTTS, and renowned Percussionist DIANA HEROLD, the JOINT CHIEFS bring a unique focus to every song every perform.  It could be a Columbian Cumbia about 2 dragonflies, a Prince Nelson funk number re-arranged as a swing tune, or a toe-tapping rock-ish original that imagines Johhny B Good at the tail end of his career ... all of this with a focus on tight vocal harmonies.

Despite their wide-ranging repertoire, the JOINT CHIEFS remain a song-driven ensemble - one that strives to communicate on a personal level with an audience - even going so far as to play without the benefit of microphones & amplification whenever possible, so that they can provide everyone with an intimate experience.

Michael Eck of WMAC in Albany, NY once described them as "Tight Harmonies - Loose Attitude" - and yup, that sounds about right.

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